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About PTI

Since its inception in 1997, Powder Tech Inc (PTI) has focused on powder coating large product. With the largest custom batch ovens in the Pacific Northwest, PTI has developed a reputation for applying high performance powder systems that would previously not be considered for powder coating due to size/weight constraints. Our scope of work includes most service environments including architectural, industrial, marine, and commercial. Our understanding of high performance coating systems has enabled us to work closely with architects, engineers, and contractors in developing specifications and submittal information for projects where the benefits for powder coating may have been overlooked.

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Facility and Capacity

  • 36,000 sq ft of floor space for processing


  • Material Handling

    • 7.5 Ton Crane and 5 Ton Cranes

  • Larger Material Handling Equipment Available


  • Large Capacity Coating Booth and Ovens

    • ​58' L x 12' H x 14' W

    • 34' L x 12' H x 12' W (2)​​​

  • On-site sandblasting & surface preparation


  • Added Value Capabilities:

    • Customized Packaging

    • Post-Powder Coat Assembly

    • Caulking

    • Anti-Slip Coatings

    • Spray Foam Capabilities

    • Measuring Tolerances

    • Inspection & Cleaning/Repairing Welds

    • Closely documented and electronically stored inspections. 

Advantages of 
Powder Coating


  • Efficient: Powder coatings are thermally cured and achieve full hardness during the bake-cycle. Product is then ready for immediate handling & transportation. Powder coatings are unique in that they accommodate accelerated schedules and aggressive deadlines.   

  • Durability: Powder coating provides a uniform, durable, high-quality finish. 

  • Eco-Friendly: Unlike liquid paint, powder coatings contain no solvents so there are no VOC emissions to the atmosphere. Thus, the EPA has specified powder coating as a Best Available Control Technology (BACT). In addition, powder coatings can be recycled and re-used minimizing waste and the minimal waste that is generated can typically be disposed of as any non-hazardous industrial waste.

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