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Architectural Finished Structural Steel

PTI’s knowledge of industry standards has allowed us to provide coating solutions for several large-scale projects requiring architectural finished structural steel.  In each case, the powder coating replaced standard liquid paints and provided real world benefits:

  • The shop-applied powder coating eliminates the need for costly and time consuming field finishing of shop primed steel.

  • The durability of powder coating dramatically reduces any field touch-up after the steel has been erected.

  • The process of powder coating facilitated accelerated project schedules, allowing for project managers to focus on other critical path items.

  • PTI has also developed customized packaging procedures to help facilitate the specific needs of any project for transportation and handling requirements.


In each case, we teamed up with the architecture firm at the bid-stage and provided powder coat alternatives. Additionally, we worked directly with the contractors & steel fabricators and followed each project through to completion. We provided consistent scheduling updates, consulting, and Quality Assurance Reports for each batch of steel completed.

Our steadfast commitment to customer service and quality ensures that not only does the final product meet the project requirements, but that the project deliveries are on-time.

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